From Volunteer to Homeowner


Samantha & her family are the final homeowners in the community she helped build.

Samantha and Seth moved into the last completed house at The Woods at Golden Given. Fitting, because Samantha was there from the start. As a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University, Samantha spent a summer day volunteering with her basketball team at The Woods in 2013. That she might someday own a home there never crossed her mind.

In 2015, Samantha married her high school sweetheart, Seth. They were renting a 400 square foot house when they discovered they were expecting a baby. The house had plumbing issues and the couple moved in with Samantha’s parents to begin exploring their housing options.

After looking into the Habitat, the couple was on the fast track to owning their first home. Samantha couldn’t believe how fast it all came together. Within a week of setting a date to take the Washington State First-Time Homebuyers Course, they learned they been accepted in to Habitat’s homeownership program.

Then came the phone call asking if they would be interested in purchasing the very last home at The Woods at Golden Given. “The whole process has gone incredibly fast for us,” says Samantha. “We went from not knowing where we were going to live to having a house within just a month and a half. It’s just been an incredible blessing.”

Seth said he is proud to become a homeowner, especially at such a young age. “I’ve never been very hands-on, but I grouted and tiled my own house!” he shares. “Most of my childhood, we lived in apartments,” says Seth, “Even when we lived in a house, we were renting. This community is such a perfect place to raise a family.”

As for Sam, she still finds it astounding that she will be living in the same community where she once volunteered. “The way this worked out was so incredible! We’re happy to have a community to call home. Our kids will have kids to grow up with.”

At Seth and Samantha’s home dedication, our Homeowner Services Manager, Christina Rupp, welcomed them by sayings “You are the final set of hearts for this community. You’re the final family – the final stone into making something so beautiful complete.”

Welcome home, Seth and Samantha.


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