“Hometown Miracle”: Dedication for Second Generation Habitat Homeowners

Becka (far left) opens the dedication for TJ and Katea, her son and daughter-in-law, with a prayer

As more than 50 people huddled inside and outside TJ and Katea’s new home, Becka, TJ’s mother and a Habitat homeowner herself, opened the dedication with a tearful prayer.

“I pray that anyone that comes in here may walk out with a smile,” she said.

TJ and Katea’s dedication marks a multi-generational journey for Habitat.

DSC_0767.JPGThree years ago, Becka purchased a house through Habitat for Humanity. She encouraged TJ and Katea to apply to Habitat as well. “Watching her go through the process I saw that God works in many ways,” said TJ.

TJ and Katea have been working for six years to fix their credit and are now ready to begin their life as homeowners.

“For people like us, it’s amazing to see a community grow, people that come together and work as a community,” said TJ. “Everybody is working, you know, they do it to better themselves and better those around them. I’m very grateful to everyone.”

As the dedication came to a close, the real celebration began. The sun broke through the clouds as friends, family members, and volunteers shared food, laughter, and stories.

“Habitat is really a hometown miracle, none of these homes could be built by a single person,” said Maureen Fife, CEO of Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity.” All of this happens with the touch of many hands.”

Congratulations to TJ, Katea, and their family!




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