Upgrading Windows for LESS

It’s a never-ending chore – fixing, updating and maintaining our two rental homes.

So when my husband and I swung by the Habitat store in Puyallup recently, we were thrilled to find a large, double pane window – in mint condition and almost the perfect size to replace a single pane and highly inefficient window in one of our 50s eras rentals.

back of burien
You can see the back window on the left that we wanted to replace.

And the best part of this window – it only cost $45! (More on this great price later).

Because my husband was busy at work, I talked a retired friend of ours into helping swap out the old window for the new one. Surprisingly, the most difficult part was getting the old window out. The old fins and anchoring system would’ve withstood a hurricane. But two sawzall blades and lots of brute strength later, the window was out and we began installation of the new one.

All in all, it was an easy update, taking only 4-5 hours (including putting some cedar trim around the outside of the new window) and making our tenants very happy.

From the inside: Trim to clean up the edges and voila! Just like new!

Since all but two small windows have been updated and motivated by my Habitat find, I called a local window company for an estimate to replace the last two windows.

Sticker shock: $2,400!

The moral of this blog: We’ve become avid Habitat store shoppers, checking at each of the locations regularly for doors, fixtures, appliances and, of course, windows.

The finished window installation from the back.

About the author: Shari Campbell proudly serves as a member of the Habitat board. The “brute strength” referred to in this blog was thanks to her retired teacher friend, a former high school golf coach and PE teacher who significantly out-muscles her. In all seriousness, she loves finding bargains for her rentals at Habitat stores.


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