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Project by Pamela M., Habitat Store customer and local upcycler. 

Power sander with medium grit sandpaper (#120 or #150), paint, Krud Kutter, and paintbrush.

I found this desk at Habitat for Humanity during one of their 50% sales.  I only paid $12.50 for the desk.  What a great deal!  I wanted to bring new life into this piece and really struggled with what to do with it.

I decided I wanted to sand it down and paint it. I settled on a beautiful blue color that I felt would really make the desk pop.

To get started, this desk needed cleaning and sanding.  Most projects only need light sanding but this desk needed a little more deep sanding. I used my hand sander to get the deep deep divots sanded out.  After sanding I used the Krud Kutter to throughly get the sand and all other krud off the desk.


i282882364611386664._szw1280h1280_.jpgOnce the desk dried completely, I used 2 coats of primer to ensure the “old” desk was completed covered and to ensure that the new paint color would completly adhere.  The picture is after one coat of primer, I totally forgot to take a picture after the 2nd coat.

Once the primer had completely dried, I used 3 coats of Glidden Deep Sapphire (Home Depot) to completely cover the desk and to get the look I was going for. The drawers at the are actually faux, so I added a stencil to each faux drawer to give it some charm.

i282882364611386839._szw1280h1280_.jpgThe back of the desk needed some TLC, so the only way I knew to make it look better was to cover it.  So I went to the dollar store and bought some contact paper.  That did the trick.  I think it turned out so good!

To give a little more design, I painted the insides of the drawers Glidden YellowBird (Home Depot) and added new hardware (purchased at Hobby Lobby).


In the end, I think the desk turned out great and is so charming.



The end product!

Have a DIY project you want to share? Email us and we will share your Habitat Store upcycle!


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