My Habitat Story: Stuart Young, BCRA

Stuart Young’s connection with Habitat for Humanity started 25 years ago in Southern California.

As an architect fresh out of college, Stuart saw volunteering with Habitat as a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in construction and design. Five years later, Stuart found himself in Tacoma and soon connected with the affiliate here.

Stuart is an avid supporter of Habitat’s mission – providing affordable homeownership. What he likes about the Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat affiliate is its focus on neighborhoods.

“You’re not only impacting a single family but the whole neighborhood.” Stuart feels this is approach is more holistic and deals directly with the infrastructure of the entire community.

The BCRA Team Habitat group lends a hand during their 2016 build day at the Woods at Golden Given.

Stuart has served on Habitat’s Board of Directors for nine years, but his involvement also extends to his workplace — BCRA.

“My coworkers like being with each other in a different kind of environment contributing,” Stuart says. “A lot of folks –especially those who have recently graduated — want to find opportunities to support the community  with their talents.”

BCRA has participated in Team Habitat — a program designed for corporate groups to give back as a group — for the last five years.

About Team Habitat, Stuart says: “It’s not just team building or doing exercises to learn about trust, but actually experiencing it first hand.”

Stuart sees homeownership as a chance for families to gain permanence in their communities, allowing them to develop deeper ties and invest more of themselves into where they live.

“Seeing the optimism these families have makes us feel we’re truly making a difference.”

BCRA has committed to supporting Habitat in 2017 at the Bronze Hammer level. Thank you, Stuart and BCRA, for your continued commitment to Habitat!


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