After 10 Years of Involvement, Habitat Volunteer Takes the Challenge

Jim Goertz of University Place Presbyterian Church (UPPC) has been regularly volunteering with Habitat since 2006, but he recently decided to take his partnership to the next level — literally!

This Friday, Goertz will trade his tool belt for a harness and his hard hat for a helmet as he takes the Habitat Challenge and rappels 26 stories down the side of the Hotel Murano to raise money for Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat’s mission and projects.

“Whenever I’m downtown I point at the Murano and say ‘See that hotel over there? I’m gonna be rappelling off it!'” he said.

Goertz explained that as soon as he heard about the Habitat Challenge, he knew he wanted to get involved. As UPPC’s liaison with Habitat, Goertz is always looking for ways for his church to continue their 30+ year partnership with the organization, and he is hopeful that the Habitat Challenge will increase the public’s awareness of the work Habitat is doing in Pierce County.

“I hope [the event] draws so much attention to Habitat and gets more people involved because there’s such a big need,” he said. “There’s always room for growth.”

The reason Goertz wants more people to get involved with Habitat is simple — more volunteer involvement means more homes built, and more stories that end in happy endings.

“Everybody has a story,” he said. “That’s the thing about life and volunteering. You meet people, and you hear their stories, and their story may not be so different than ours.”


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