Neighbors Turn Into Friends at Swan Creek as Site Construction Comes to a Close

After this week, things will be a little different at Swan Creek Lane.

Days will start with quiet cups of coffee enjoyed on porches instead of giant pots brewed for dedicated volunteers. Driving in and out of the neighborhood will be homeowner Daysy on her way to take her son to football camp instead of Habitat staff members on their way to deliver construction materials.  Homeowner Kiet and his family will look out their windows and see their neighbors gardening, playing, and laughing instead of seeing teams of volunteers and AmeriCorps members working on homes in this community in East Tacoma.

Since the start of Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity’s Swan Creek Lane development, over 250 individuals have spent over 9,000 hours framing, roofing, painting, and tiling the five beautiful homes on East 40th Street.  And all of that hard work has not gone unnoticed, or unappreciated.

“It’s just been wonderful that you guys have helped me in my situation, and I’m just very appreciative of what God has done through you guys,” said Daysy.

Daysy was the first homeowner to move in at Swan Creek Lane, and she said that she’s truly enjoyed the privilege of getting to know the Habitat construction staff and AmeriCorps members. She’s also thankful for the good neighbors she has found in Kiet’s family, who live right next door.

“[Kiet] cut my lawn yesterday because he noticed I wasn’t there, so I returned the favor by giving him fruit,” she said. “I really like my neighbors.”

Moments like this go to show that Habitat volunteers don’t only build houses, but they build relationships between neighbors. They build communities. And as Daysy dreams of where she sees herself years from now, it’s clear that Habitat volunteers build something else as well – futures.

“I see my children going to school,” said Daysy. “Graduating college. I see myself in [my house] growing old, sitting in my rocking chair, watching the SeaTac airplanes going by.”

She smiled. “It’s beautiful. I couldn’t ask for anything more. God has blessed me so much.”


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