A Journey Worth Fighting For: Debi Achieves Homeownership

Last Saturday, surrounded by family, friends, community members, and supporters, Debi celebrated the end of her long journey to homeownership.
For Debi, the road to this point hasn’t been easy, but thanks to her supportive family and strong will it has all been worth it, and she can finally call the house she has been fighting for her new home.
After year of commitment to Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program, Debi’s seemingly smooth path to owning her own home took an unexpected turn when her social security was compromised last October. Devastated and with nowhere to live, Debi was left feeling like her journey was being forced to an end.
At this point, Debi’s sister and brother-in-law stepped in. They opened their home to Debi to live there rent free and provided her with the inspiration she needed to keep fighting for her shot at homeownership.
“If it weren’t for them, I don’t know where I would be,” Debi said. “They helped me tremendously with motivation and getting me through this journey.”
To get back on track, Debi completed all the required steps to regain her eligibility in the program. Showing her commitment to the program in more ways than one, Debi has been a regular Store volunteer since she first got involved with Habitat two and a half years ago.
Debi plans to continue giving her time as a volunteer in the Tacoma Store long after moving into her new home. When asked about her involvement with the Stores, Debi simply said: “This is my family.”
Debi was excited to share last Saturday’s celebration with everyone who has supported her along the way, including her five grandkids that can’t wait to play on the new playground and ride bikes around the cul-de-sac at The Woods at Golden Given neighborhood.
“It has been a long, long journey and it is finally coming to an end,” Debi said. “I am excited for my new journey that is about to begin.”

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