Intern’s Involvement with Habitat Comes Full Circle

Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity intern Abby Jackson has provided great work and support for our affiliate this summer – work that, for Abby, is incredibly meaningful because it reminds her of her own experience growing up in a Habitat home.

When looking back to when she was a young girl growing up her hometown of Durango Colorado, Abby recalls constantly moving around apartments. Eventually her family found themselves living in run-down trailer where Abby had nowhere to sleep but a couch.

Abby’s family joined the Habitat homeownership program soon after, and though she was too young to help build, Abby recalls witnessing the big picture of the structure take shape from start to finish:

“Sometimes when you’re building you are focused on your own job and you can’t really see how everyone really comes together and is preforming all of these different tasks that come together into the house,” she said.

One of Abby’s strongest memories was towards the end of the building process – the first time she walked inside the house. She recalls asking in her family in shock: “This is ours?”

Living in a permanent home for the rest of her time in Durango, Abby says there was definitely a noticeable difference for her and her family. They were closer to their church and the community they loved, and overall felt less stressed.

After graduating high school, Abby moved to Tacoma to attend the University of Puget Sound where she will soon be starting her junior year.

Now as an intern for Tacoma Habitat, Abby has enjoyed getting to see the work of the organization from a new perspective. She connects with the mission and believes strongly from experience that that the stability that a home brings is impactful.

“I think I forgot a lot of the importance of living in a stable home until I came here,” Abby said. “I don’t know if I’d be here if I hadn’t lived there.”

Abby’s passion for this organization and overall hardworking attitude has been a huge asset to Tacoma Habitat since first getting involved. She has taken the lead on the new Habitat Store opening in Puyallup and has successfully formed partnerships in this new community. Abby has left no doubts in the minds of those she works with that this internship will not be the end to her involvement with Habitat.


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