Newlyweds Share the Love on their Big Day

On a day with all eyes on them, newlyweds Carly and Nate chose to share their spotlightith others less fortunate than them in the community they love. Married this spring, the couple encouraged their wedding guests to make a donation to Habitat for Humanity in honor of their big day.

“Carly and I have both been very blessed in life, and in love, and we wanted to ‘pay it forward’ by blessing other local familiess part of our wedding celebration,” Nate said.

Much like finding their love together, Carly and Nate each found Habitat through different paths. Carly’s involvement with Habitat started in college. She participated in an Alternative Spring Break program and a Global Village trip, where she built with a group for a week in Guatemala.

“It was a life changing experience and one of my favorite trips,” Carly said.

Hooked on her involvement with Habitat, Carly builds yearly with her office in Pierce County and is a member of our affiliate’s Resource and Development Committee.

Nate recently participated in his first build in Kittitas County last year but he comes from a family of long-time Habitat supporters. Supporting the community where they see themselves growing old together seemed only fitting to Nate and his bride:

“We love Tacoma because it is such a beautiful community with so many amazing people, and since we plan to spend the rest of our lives here we want to do everything we can to make it a better place, Nate said.

The couple was beyond pleased with the support they received by their family and friends, who helped them raise $3,200 for Habitat! It is thanks to compassionate neighbors like Carly and Nate that our affiliate can continue to empower families in Tacoma and work to make our community even stronger.


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