The Common House Takes Shape

Last week, the highly anticipated Common House wall raising gave residents at the Woods at Golden Given a preview as to what their new communal space will look like as a completed structure.
Community residents, corporate sponsors, and volunteers came together to raise all four of the building’s walls. Among them was AmeriCorps member Nick Jackson who since the start of his second service term in October has been diligently planning all aspects of construction for the Common House. Following the wall raising, Nick reported –
“I loved that there was so much support from the community, volunteers, distributors, and donors. It made the experience that more meaningful”.
After his months of working with this project on paper he said, “it was great to finally see the plans stand up!”
Now that the walls are up and celebration has settled, Nick and the construction team look to continuing building the Common House with and anticipated building completion in October.
Residents at the Woods like Terrance McGehee look forward to having this shared space as a means of strengthening their community.

“Having a place to connect, come together for meetings and celebrations, will help solidify the bonds we are building. The possibilities and potential for the common house are endless.” 
There are still opportunities to get involved and help make the Common House a completed space for this community. Check out our website for remaining needs and fundraising progress.

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