Daysy’s Family Home: The Start of a Community

On this beautiful day in Tacoma, Habitat and community representatives met within house #4 of the nearly completed Swan Creek neighborhood. The dedication marked the beginning of this newly built house becoming a home to Daysy and her three children.

With the help of LCCK Pastor Peter, each room and area of the home was blessed.
Following the prayers, new homeowner Daysy reassured that “It doesn’t stop here. This house is going to be blessed again and again.”
Daysy expressed her family’s gratitude saying; “I just want to thank everybody who has touched this house and blessed this house.”
Of the community members in attendance, Tacoma City Council member for the area, Marty Campbell, thanked everyone who took part in the building of this house by pointing out, “you weren’t building a house, you were building the start of a community.”
The Family will be the first family to move into this neighborhood and we believe they are the beginning of what will be a strong and supportive neighborhood.
Daysy ended her speech with the final hope that “Habitat will continue to bless other people” and that she will work hard to do the same.

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