Habitat International Leader Tours Tacoma

The Senior VP of Habitat for Humanity International U.S. and Canada, Larry Gluth, paid our local affiliate a personal visit yesterday. He was given a tour of the current neighborhoods and potential build sites around Pierce County.
At the Swan Creek build site, students participating in Collegiate Challenge took a break from their hard work to speak with this Habitat leader. At The Woods, Gluth and our management team were joined by community leaders as well as current Habitat homeowners to discuss the partially completed neighborhood and its plans for completion. The group also met in Lakewood where construction will soon begin on a new neighborhood – New Tillicum North.
Gluth’s visit served as an opportunity for our affiliate to hear firsthand what Habitat International is planning for the future of the organization and its global impact. Some interesting conversations throughout the day included potential construction financing strategies, a possible new system for mortgage payments, and some untapped potential for the Habitat Stores.
Tacoma Habitat was honored to host Larry Gluth! We look forward to the future of Habitat for Humanity International and how its supportive partnership with local affiliates will continue to evolve.

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