Students Speak Out: Benefits of Collegiate Challenge

We are two weeks into the month of Collegiate Challenge! A yearly tradition for Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity; Collegiate Challenge provides the opportunity for college students from around the country to spend their spring break building homes for families in need.
So far, groups from Anne Arundel Community College, University of Connecticut, University of Portland, and Winona State University have participated.
What have students been saying about their experience?
One student expressed the strong sense of community he felt from building with a group of his peers; one that he was excited to bring back to his college campus.
For other students, this trip sparked an interest in becoming involved with their local Habitat for Humanity to serve families within their own community.
By working with AmeriCorps members on site, students were also exposed to the possible post-college opportunity of serving. Many of the students involved so far have expressed interest – perhaps one of these students will be a future Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps member!

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