The Makings of a Memorable Volunteer

Weekday regular volunteer Tom Teevin may joke that he’s done too many years of volunteering to do any more outdoor work on rainy days, but behind that witticism is a hint at his hard work and dedication to Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity (TPC Habitat) over the past 15+ years.

That dedication has not gone unnoticed; Teevin was recently awarded the first annual Harry Burlingame Volunteer of the Year Award, an honor nominated and voted upon by Habitat staff.
Teevin had his first experience with TPC Habitat when he joined a Home Builder’s Blitz 15 years ago.  Teevin, along with around 50 others, built three houses in Tacoma over the course of one week during this specific blitz build.
In the years since that initial build, Teevin has been involved with all aspects of home construction, and he said that it has been interesting to see the affiliate grow over the years, as well as seeing his own construction skills improve.
Teevin’s hard-working attitude and friendly demeanor have made him memorable to more than just that first construction staff member.
“When they dedicated The Woods site, a bunch of us went out and it was all literally woods, it was just marsh land and trees and everything, and they went through the fancy ceremony,” he recalled. “A lady came up to me, and she said ‘Did you work on the houses over in the Hilltop area by the hospitals there?’ Now that was at least 10-12 years ago, and I said ‘Yes,’ and she said ‘I remember you!’ That was impressive,” he said. “That made it worthwhile.”
That woman was a Habitat homeowner, and she had remembered Teevin’s work from over a decade before. According to Teevin, working with homeowners is one of the best parts of the Habitat volunteer experience, along with the camaraderie amongst other regular volunteers.
“It’s just a tremendous amount of fun,” he said. “And my wife is very happy to have me out of the house!”

By Michaela Todd, Volunteer Communications Coordinator, AmeriCorps


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