Hands-On Experience: A Volunteer’s Story

If you volunteered at The Woods or Swan Creek for the week of Oct. 14-17, you probably worked alongside Luke Smaul!
Luke had a week off of work so he decided to volunteer with us for the first time. He worked on Wednesday and enjoyed it so much that he came back every day for the rest of the work week! Luke said he decided to volunteer with Habitat because he “had some vacation time and wanted to do something useful with it”. He explained; “I have always enjoyed working with my hands and thought that volunteering could give me a chance to learn new skills while doing something good for the local community”.

Luke was surprised how easy it is to get involved with Habitat! He liked how once he completed an orientation, he could sign up to work on whatever days worked with his vacation time. He also appreciated the valuable work he was assigned to on the build site. Expecting to be given busy-work and clean up tasks, he was impressed with the “trust the foreman put in the team” and that he was allowed to participate in some of the challenging and hands on activities.

“Knowing that you had that trust and were going to feel rewarded at the end of each day with making real progress on a build kept me coming back”

Seeing progress on the build sites is another thing that Luke enjoyed about volunteering with Habitat. He explained this is unlike his job of working on complex software projects where the work often feels “removed from the end goal”. He really enjoyed working with the material world of building and being able to see real progress within hours and days of volunteering.

Thank you Luke and all of our amazing volunteers for giving your time and passion to building homes for families!

If you would like to get involved, contact volunteer@tpc-habitat.org for more information

By Leah Butters, Community Engagement Coordinator, AmeriCorps


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