Women Build 2015 Kickoff

Most groups come to the site ready for a day of building, but for 30 women gathered at The Woods at Golden Given, Saturday was the beginning of a summer-long project.

These women were ready to build.

Women Build is Habitat for Humanity’s program that empowers women volunteers by teaching them construction skills while building homes for hardworking families in need.
With help from a generous donation by longtime-Women Build volunteer Shelby Clayson, Women Build volunteers will build an entire home in Pierce County for the first time since 2009.
The 2015 Women Build home is built in partnership with The Stephens Family. By the end of the summer, it will be a safe, decent, affordable home for Deanna and Mike to raise their three daughters.
Throughout the day, women were teaching other women.
More experienced volunteers guided first-timers through hammer-swinging and nail pulling as they framed the walls.
The new volunteers embraced their inexperience and welcomed the opportunity for growth. They openly asked questions, spoke up when they made mistakes, and learned. They said they felt more comfortable admitting that they didn’t know something than they would have if they were surrounded by men.
The walls the Women Build volunteers built were more than the frame of the Stephens family’s home, they represented an opportunity to connect with the community in a new way, to acquire new skills, and to build new friendships with fellow Women Build volunteers.
Join us for Women Build every Friday and Saturday through the end of September at The Woods at Golden Given. Contact volunteer@tpc-habitat.org for more information.

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