Reflecting on We Build 2015: Dianna Sullivan

Dianna (left) is an active member of the Hospitality Team in the Habitat Connects program and a homeowner at The Woods at Golden Given since January 2014.

She joined our team at the 2015 Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) We Build Conference in Atlanta, GA. She and fellow Woods homeowner Terrance were the first Habitat homeowners to ever attend an HFHI conference.

Dianna shared her thoughts about being a homeowner at the conference:
“Being home a few days and reflecting on the experience of the conference I can truly say it was very uplifting, energetic and an honor.

As other affiliates discovered I was a homeowner you could see and often heard the ‘ah-ha,’ ‘duh’ sentiment as they realized they have never thought about including homeowners.

It was nice to be welcomed and treated as “an expert” even as a non employee.

I found hearing about the difficulties, curiosity and excitement of new directions that other affiliates were experiencing calming as it put my experience in perspective.

Although we all have our moments of doubt or wanting to ‘quit’ the conference reminded me how far we have come as a community and how ‘New Age’ thinking this whole experience is for Habitat and us homeowners.

My favorite ‘ah-ha’ moment occurred when talking with Rebecca from Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) and sharing how what we are doing is recreating the ‘front porch.’

My pastor shared a sermon recently on how for decades we all enclosed our front porch and isolated within our home losing the safety, connecting, loving sense of community. I see our neighborhood and the Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) program that Habitat is launching as the future of communities everywhere.

I hope that the excitement, curiosity and can do attitude that I heard at conference only continues to grow so that the next generation, my children’s generation, will know what a community and ‘front porch’ is all about and why it is so important.”

How do you recreate the “front porch” in your neighborhood?


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