Putting Down Roots: Jamie’s Family

“Ever since I became a mother, I have dreamed of owning a home,” Jamie said. “My daughter and I have moved multiple times in hopes of finding a safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live. But, moving itself can be expensive, and the instability is hard on my daughter.”

On Saturday February 7, Jamie’s dream came true. She and her daughter Ruby moved into a home of their own in Tillicum.

Jamie’s friends and family filled the room. Ruby’s aunt brought house-shaped cookies for the occasion.

Jamie grew up in Tillicum. She has memories of swimming in American Lake. Her parents were excited to see her moving back into the neighborhood.

Volunteers from St. Patrick Catholic Church gathered around at the dedication. They helped build the home, and took a break from another day of building in Tillicum to celebrate with Jamie.

The dedication came just in time for Ruby’s seventh birthday.

Their home was blessed by Father Henriot from the Bellarmine Jesuit Community. Father Henriot is a Tacoma native, but has been working in Malawi for the past 26 years where he will return soon to finish building an environmentally sustainable school for girls.

Jamie is excited to learn how to garden. She has always lived in an apartment, but with her new home she will have space to grow her own plants. She’s looking into gardening classes for her and Ruby to take together.

“Owning a home affords us the opportunity to ‘put down roots’,” Jamie said. “We will take comfort in the fact that our house is truly ours, and it will be, for years to come.”


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