Becoming Eco-Heroes!

Citizens for a Healthy Bay came out to The Woods at Golden Given on Saturday, January 24th to  educate the youngest community members about pollution and a healthy environment.

Citizens for a Healthy Bay is an environmental organization that strives to engage citizens in the cleanup, restoration and protection of natural waterways throughout the Puget Sound.

This program was part of a youth initiative funded by The Russell Family Foundation to encourage environmental stewardship at The Woods.

Using sprinkles, chocolate syrup and a model of the city, Trisha Lohr, Outreach and Education Intern at CHB, demonstrated the effects of pollution on the Puget Sound.

Once we were ready to take action, we walked about the neighborhood and some of the wetland areas to pick up trash and items that would harm the environment.

The young eco-heroes got to work and filled up four trash bags.

We finished off our day with snacks and some thoughts about pollution. At the end, everyone agreed that by keeping a clean neighborhood we can help reduce the pollution in the Sound and our own community.

Thank you Trisha from Citizens for a Healthy Bay for teaching us about the ways that runoff and pollution can affect our ecosystems and water sources!

By Kendra Sampson, Youth and Group Engagement Coordinator, AmeriCorps Member


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