Home for the Holidays: How Homes Change the Lives of Families

“I’ve always wanted to have my own home, especially since I had my first daughter six years ago.”

Ms. Condreay and her two young daughters received the keys to their new home in Tillicum on Saturday November 15.

“It’s amazing being able to watch them run around the yard and see them smiling and laughing, not having to worry about anything.”

She looks forward to keeping her girls in one place, giving them a stable home to grow up in. Before, the family had to move from place to place to keep up with the rising cost of rent.

“I feel very blessed and very thankful; I just have so many emotions.”

The Condreay family will celebrate their first Thanksgiving in their own home on Friday. Ms. Condreay’s parents and sister will come to her home for dinner and start decorating the house for Christmas.

“The kids are really looking forward to decorating the house for Christmas this year because they haven’t been able to.”

This is the first year the Condreay family will be able to decorate their own Christmas tree, hang their own lights, and celebrate Christmas in their own home.

“I wouldn’t be able to give my kids a house if it wasn’t for Habitat and everyone who donated all the supplies and came out to help volunteer. I really am very thankful for the opportunity. I want to let everyone know, thank you very much.”

We are thankful that the Condreay’s and 18 other families in Pierce County, who recently moved into their own Habitat homes, will get to spend this Holiday season in a place where they may celebrate.

Please consider donating to Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity on #GivingTuesday to give more families hope to have a home of their own for the holidays.


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