Perfect Timing

For Amy, the path to a Habitat house has been a long time coming, but all the more meaningful for it. She was seven years old when she first saw a commercial for Habitat for Humanity and she didn’t believe it was real until she moved to Federal Way and saw a Habitat sign sitting … Continue reading Perfect Timing


Retirement with a Purpose

Regular volunteer, Rick, reflects on his time with Habitat for Humanity I have long had the notion that once I retired I would work with an organization such as Habitat. I wanted to do this for no other reason than “to be helpful". Turns out I have been helped as much—perhaps more—than I have helped others. To explain: … Continue reading Retirement with a Purpose

An Unexpected Trip to Colombia

It began with a phone call. Two weeks before we were scheduled to leave for Guatemala we found out that the State Department had just changed the travel advisory for several countries—including Guatemala—which meant that Habitat for Humanity and other non-governmental agencies had to temporarily suspend trips to those areas. The good news: the Habitat … Continue reading An Unexpected Trip to Colombia